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Relevant Data

Shareable Intelligence
Easily create real intelligence your entire force can use. Set up reports that are automatically updated, and email them to others in your agency or city management.

Flexible Access

Mobile Access
Access real-time reporting, analytics, and crime maps from any computer or tablet, anywhere.

Actionable Information

Actionable Information
Maps, analysis, street view photos, and more give your officers everything they need for proactive policing.

What it Does

CommandCentral delivers the power of data analytics, visualization, and information sharing to enable your agency to make better intelligence-led decisions at every level. It's a powerful and intuitive crime analytics dashboard that allows analysts to effortlessly turn crime data into intelligence, identify and understand strategic priorities, and break down information silos.

Real-time, Customizable Crime Dashboard

CommandCentral starts with a real-time, customizable crime dashboard that gives you everything you need to see at a glance. With more than 1,000 ways to analyze and view your crime data and information, it will become your most powerful and reliable intelligence tool. You can choose your preferred layout, what you want to see, and how you want to see it - including maps, area breakdowns, crime-type analysis, time of day/day of week analysis, and more. And it's available all at the click of a mouse.

Fast, Detailed Crime Analytics

With CommandCentral's intuitive tools, crime analysis just became a lot easier. Reports for detailed analysis can be generated on the fly and in minutes. Detailed Maps and visualizations and the ability to drill down on areas and crime categories, make it easy for anyone to analyze crime data in depth. Advanced tools allow you to see crime hotspots, isolate crimes by type, and see underlying narratives.

And because CommandCentral can pull data from both CAD and RMS systems, you can use it to analyze both crimes and calls for service.

CommandCentral's hot spotting analysis capabilities allow you to identify and focus on highlighted areas. And with the Trendcaster tool, you can identify and forecast crime trends and isolate key areas.


CommandCentral Analytics now works on Android, iOS and Windows tablets, allowing your agency to take crime analysis and intelligence right into the street.

Instant, Insightful Comparisons

CommandCentral allows you to easily track and report on progress on key initiatives and focus areas using geographic and time-based comparisons. In addition, Shape File support is standard in CommandCentral, so you can separate your jurisdiction into separate beats or zones so the on-coming shift always knows what's happened during their off days.

Interjurisdictional Data Sharing

Interjurisdictional Data Sharing is a premium module for CommandCentral analytics. It gives users the ability to compile, review, and analyze data across two or more law enforcement jurisdictions at the same time. And it permits analysts and command staff to see the big picture, overcome data myopia, target key areas and crimes, and more effectively cooperate with neighboring agencies.

  • Single, secure platform. Data is shared in a common, secure data center for easy access.
  • Simple data integration. Data is easily integrated from existing systems regardless of which RMS and/or CAD system is being used.
  • Jurisdictional Boundaries. Import shape files for agency jurisdictions and beats to segment the data
  • Easy On/Off. Turn partner-agency’s data on/off with a single click.

Learn More about Interjurisdictional Data Sharing Here

Data Quality and Validation Tool

Accurate data is paramount to conducting crime analysis that leads to actionable intelligence and crime reduction. The Data Quality and Validation (DQV) tool in CommandCentral ensures that the most common data errors - mismapped and mis-classified crimes - are easily correctable so agency personnel can make resource decisions with confidence.

  • Built-in alert bar notifies CommandCentral Analytics administrators when incidents are geocoded outside of an agency's jurisdiction.
  • Click-to-correct mismapped incidents – inaccurately mapped crimes can be corrected simply by clicking on the CommandCentral Map
  • Create rules so that all future data synched to CommandCentral is mapped accurately
  • Edit crime incident categorization
  • Maintain data fidelity - changes are only made in CommandCentral, not in your RMS

Roll Call: Officer Empowerment

More than ever, officers require essential information to stay informed before they go out on the street. CommandCentral's Roll Call tab enables officers to receive an update on their area for any time period before shift starts, facilitating shift transitions and improving officer effectiveness.

Customizable and Fast Reporting and Analysis

Use the custom tabs function of CommandCentral to create as many reports and initiative-driven analysis tabs as you need. With simple, five-minute reporting you can choose from 1,000’s of analytics options and create a permanent and automatically updated analysis for your specific needs. And once you've created the report there is no need to recreate it again, ever.

CommandCentral was created with an ultra-responsive and intuitive interface designed to allow you to analyze data from every imaginable angle with the click of a mouse and drill down from any report or analysis to see the underlying information.

Robust, Sharable Intelligence

CommandCentral allows you to easily analyze crime data and share reports through its executive-style Dashboard, Roll Call, Maps, Trendcaster and Reporting Tabs. In addition, you can create ad hoc or automated reports with the Email Reports function, which delivers CommandCentral reports to any email recipient.

With Email Reports you can increase agency information flow internally as well as share data with city management, city council, or neighboring agencies, and increase analyst productivity by reducing the time spent responding to report requests. Visually engaging graphics make crime data simpler to decode as users can choose to view them through heat maps, comparison maps, pie and bar charts, and line graphs. It's the perfect tool for spatial and temporal analysis.

Street View

Street view allows users to click on any map in CommandCentral Analytics and instantly drill down to street-level views of the area.  Ideal for understanding an area and developing tactics before officers go out into the field. Street view based on availability.

CommandCentral Predictive Integration

CommandCentral Analytics is integrated with CommandCentral Predictive, sharing data, administration, and the same look and feel, so you can easily go back and forth between traditional crime analytics and predictive analytics in one interface. Only PublicEngines offers both traditional analytics and predictive analytics applications to maximize your effectiveness.

Support for Your Initiatives

CommandCentral is the perfect tool for supporting CompStat, DDACTS, and Intelligence-led-Policing (ILP) initiatives. The platform was built with the goal in mind of putting actionable intelligence in hands of every user around the clock.

Built in Data Quality

Data quality is critical for effective analysis, which is why CommandCentral comes with built in data quality tools - allowing you to easily identify and clean up mis-labeled and mis-mapped crimes from your CAD and RMS systems. Defined remapping logic then makes sure your data stays clean. It's a feature unique to CommandCentral that results in more accurate data analysis and decisions.

Simple Set up and Operation

As a cloud-based application, CommandCentral is easy to set up and use from day one and is available any time, anywhere. With the accompanying auto-publishing tools it easily integrates with any RMS or CAD system in a day or less. Finally, our on-staff law enforcement trainers will have you up and running on the product with just one hour of training. There isn't any need for weeks of training or advanced GIS certifications that costs thousands of dollars.

No Complex Pricing

Unlike competitors' products, CommandCentral is provided as a single, cloud-based solution, so there are no extra software licenses, no "hidden" third party modules, no hardware, and no additional training fees.

Unbeatable Security

At PublicEngines we designed our products and cloud-based service from the ground up to be secure. With decades of experience, our personnel deliver the best in data, physical, datacenter, and personnel security.

For more detailed information on our extensive security measures, visit our security platform page.

Coming Soon: Camera Registration Details!

Camera Registration allows you to set up your own camera registration program to leverage the availability of residential and commercial video cameras in your community. Overlay camera locations and detailed information on the CommandCentral Analytics map and see where cameras are in relationship to crime. Then, click on any camera to get camera and owner information, allowing you to request video evidence faster and easier than ever. More information available on the Camera Registration page.