Stop Crime Before it Happens

Stop Crime Before it Happens
Accurate crime predictions targeting high probability crime areas are delivered daily to officers — helping focus their time and effort on proactively reducing crime.

Close The Analyst/Officer Gap

Close The Analyst/Officer Gap
Produces actionable prediction reports that can be used for directed patrolling plans.

Efficiently Allocate Resources

Efficiently Allocate Resources
Makes shift and patrol management more efficient to deploy resources and concentrate officers on high-risk areas and times.

What it Does

CommandCentral Predictive leverages multiple proprietary algorithms synched to your RMS data to produce daily, targeted crime forecasts proven in field-tests to accurately predict 30% of next day crime. This tactical tool provides officers with daily predictions three-times more accurate than Hot Spot analysis and allows agencies to conduct directed patrol initiatives in areas that are one-third smaller than their average patrol area. Each prediction includes crime type, time frame, and location, and is paired with detailed information including detailed area crime-history with narratives.

Targeted, Accurate, and Actionable Crime Predictions

CommandCentral Predictive automatically generates daily crime predictions that can be used as a directed policing plan for your officers.

Highly Accurate Prediction Model
Using a patent-pending prediction engine ensemble, CommandCentral Predictive provides accurate and reliable predictions.

Targeted Area Prediction Reports
Targeted Area Prediction (TAP) reports are created by day, area, and shift time to maximize effectiveness.

Tiered Prioritization of Areas
Each prediction box is categorized as a tier one, two or three priority to help officers understand where to spend their time. Depending on priority and officer intuition they should spend anywhere from 30 to 120 minutes in any given prediction area.

Data Quality Tools
Built in data quality tools help clean up mis-mapped, mis-labeled, and mis-timed crimes from your RMS system, improving the quality of your data and increasing prediction accuracy.

Proven Results
Accurate prediction engine has been field tested to be 2.7x more accurate than hot spot analysis.

Designed for Action and Analysis

Designed for use by officers and analysts alike, CommandCentral Predictive provides both summary and detailed information to make it actionable.

Prediction Summary Box
Prediction summary boxes show what's behind the prediction, including the priority tier and summary of crimes in the area.

Street View
The Street View link in the prediction summary box brings up a street-level view of prediction area, centered at the point of the last crime, giving officers an ability to see the area before they step out on the street.

Drill Down Boxes
Drill Down Boxes in TAP view provides deeper crime information, including a list of crimes and narratives pulled directly from your RMS database to provide easy access to additional insight.

Available Where and How you Need it

As a cloud-based product, CommandCentral Predictive is available everywhere you need it. Officers can access it in the office or on the road through any Internet connected device. Plus reports can be delivered daily straight to email. And every report can be printed as well.

Two Reporting Views
Overview View provides a broad view of prediction areas, with the ability to see prediction box summaries. Targeted Area Prediction (TAP) View provides more detailed information on predictions, including crime summaries and historical crimes.

Email Reports
Officers can receive reports by email before their shifts for review on any computer or mobile device to maximize their effectiveness without logging onto a computer. Schedule daily prediction reports can be delivered by email are set up through a simple wizard that allows you to select a report, prediction tiers, and time and frequency of delivery.

Mobile Ready
Designed to be usable from any mobile phone, tablet, or computer so it can be fully functional in the field.

From the Leader in Cloud-based Crime Analytics

Coming from PublicEngines, the leader in cloud-based crime analytics, CommandCentral Predictive was designed with input and feedback from current law enforcement personnel to make it easy to set up and easy use.

Designed for Ease of Use
Simple, intuitive design so that even agencies without a crime analyst can use it with ease.

Simple IT Setup
Set up can be completed in hours, not days or weeks. No hardware, no software licenses, no additional mapping licenses are required. Existing CrimeReports and CommandCentral customers will integrate with even greater ease.

One hour training
Agencies can be up and running with one hour of online training. Training sessions offered weekly with unlimited sign ups at no additional cost.

Shared platform with CommandCentral Analytics
Shared platform and database means simpler integration without additional IT resources. In addition, prediction areas can easily be analyzed with CommandCentral analytics tools.

Secure solution
With more cloud experience than any other public safety company, CommandCentral Predictive is designed and deployed to meet the highest data storage and physical security standards.
Read Our Platform Security Documentation Here

Data Quality and Validation Tool

Accurate data is paramount to conducting crime analysis that leads to actionable intelligence and crime reduction. The Data Quality and Validation (DQV) tool in CommandCentral ensures that the most common data errors - mismapped and mis-classified crimes - are easily correctable so agency personnel can make resource decisions with confidence.

  • Built-in alert bar notifies CommandCentral Analytics administrators when incidents are geocoded outside of an agency's jurisdiction.
  • Click-to-correct mismapped incidents – inaccurately mapped crimes can be corrected simply by clicking on the CommandCentral Map
  • Create rules so that all future data synched to CommandCentral is mapped accurately
  • Edit crime incident categorization
  • Maintain data fidelity - changes are only made in CommandCentral, not in your RMS