Stop Crime Before it Happens

Increase Information Flow
CityConnect allows law enforcement and local agencies to provide citizens a single source app for their Website, social media channels, alerts, anonymous tipping and crime map.

Close The Analyst/Officer Gap

Improve Community Engagement
Agencies can send alerts to subscribers, receive crime tips, publish crime data, and direct message anonymous tipsters.

Efficiently Allocate Resources

Streamline Your Resources
CityConnect is the hub that puts the power of agency-owned communications back into your hands. Only agency-approved communications are published to the app.

How it Works

Instant Agency-Community Connection

CityConnect is the most feature-rich, agency-branded mobile application designed specifically for police agencies and local governments to connect and interact with their citizens through the devices they use most - smart phones. Available for Apple iOS and Google Android devices.

Crime Map, Tips, and Alerts Together in One Place

Integrate the number one most popular crime map, tipping solution, and alerts module to CityConnect. Plus, offer a way for citizens to make non-crime related reports with the Report-a-Problem.

  • Text, Web, and Mobile App sourced TipSoft anonymous tips are routed directly to your agency. You can accept video and picture with tips and communicate anonymously with tipsters for additional evidence recovery.
  • Crime map integration is available. If your agency uses CrimeReports, citizens get all of the same great features that have made it the most used crime map in the world.
  • Agency alerts keep your citizens updated on local crime and other important city-related information

Custom Application Look and Feel

Without the Custom App Price
CityConnect is designed to look and feel like it is by and from your agency. It includes a customized backdrop on the home screen, logo, and name.

  • Increase community credibility
  • Build trust and partnerships through transparency
  • Publish only agency-approved communications

Make Sense of Your Social Media

According to the most recent stats, more people access and use their Facebook and Twitter accounts from their mobile device than their computer. In fact, mobile devices are the preferred communication tools for your social media savvy citizenship. That's why we built CityConnect to include seamless integration with the most popular social media apps available.

  • Connect your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flikr, and other like accounts to the app
  • Provide your citizens the same experience they'd receive from a Web browser in the palm of their hand
  • Send push notifications to subscribed users

Help Citizens Report Non-emergency Issues

Do you have a way for citizens to reach you for non-emergency issues? You do now. Potholes, broken water mains, downed power lines and the like all represent hazards to your citizens and increase city legal liability. With CityConnect, citizens can send you pictures and messages regarding such issues so you can provide a higher level of service and improve the quality of life for residents.

Leave the Updates to Us

Home-grown applications often leave you with home-grown headaches: how to manage application updates, bug fixes, and new phones. With CityConnect, you leave that problem to us. Now you can focus on what you do best and let us do the rest.

Available for Both Android and iPhone

While other solution providers provide an iPhone application, CityConnect is the first available for both iPhone and Android devices. This multi-platform approach pushes you beyond the 35% of citizens that use iPhones for maximum citizen interaction.

Universal Praise

Police Magazine named CityConnect on of the top 10 law enforcement apps

The City of San Jose said that CityConnect is "just a smarter way to provide those services and educate the public on how they themselves can do a lot of the things you used to call a police officer out there to do." Read Article