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Connect with Your Citizens Anywhere They Want - CityConnect: New Mobile App for Law Enforcement

Online Crime Mapping Could Stem Effects of Negative PR for NYPD

Over the weekend, two criminologists released findings from a study alleging that a number of retired NYPD officers and commanders witnessed or felt pressure to underreport crimes in order to appear as if crime was falling more dramatically than it was.

An allegation like this can be very damaging to a department like the NYPD that has worked hard for the last 20 years to turn crime around in their city, lowering crime rates, and ferreting out corruption in the police force. It can also leave members of the community disenfranchised, losing faith in a department that they had come to trust and rely on.

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Visualizing Victorian Data

VisualPlace is a 6-month proof of concept testing different ways to visualize government data in Victoria, Australia. According to the website:

VisualPlace brings together information from a wide variety of sources from service locations to demographic data to allow you to create custom maps.

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Sherman, TX, Starts Mapping Local Crime

Sherman, Texas, recently started using CrimeReports to inform it’s citizens about local crime. Check out the local news broadcast below:

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Public Shaming: ‘Name-and-Shame’ Website Worries UK Politicians

Local members of parliament in Birmingham, UK, are expressing a concern over a new website called The Rat Book’s website reads:

Our goal has been simple:

To create the UK’s largest crime database, exposing Murderers, Paedophiles, Abusers, Perverts, Terrorists and Violent criminals, with the end result being a safer Britain for ourselves, our families, and our friends.

The Rat Book currently holds over 10,000 criminal profiles, and this figure grows by 100’s of new profiles DAILY – our work never stops.

Whether you use The Rat Book for your own protection, or to expose a criminal who has had an impact on your life (for the benefit of other users), we welcome you to our website.

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Geography and Public Safety 2.2

The US Department of Justice recently released the latest edition of Geography and Public Safety (vol. 2, issue 2). The most recent issues features articles on the subject of neighborhoods—boundaries, patrols, spaces, etc.

You can download the entire issue as a PDF, here:

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