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Will Anti-Bullying Legislation Make a Difference?

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Cyberbullying has been a major theme in headlines over the past few months. The teen suicides of Long Island’s Alexis Pilkington and Massachusetts’ Phoebe Prince, as well as the bullying of California teenager Autumn Albin, have generated legislative action from California to New Hampshire.

Here is a brief look at what four states are doing to stop bullying.


In wake of Phoebe Prince’s death, the Boston Herald reported that both the state House and Senate passed anti-bullying bills in March. According to the article, both bills seek to “curtail bullying in schools and in cyberspace.”

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Roswell, GA, Shares Crime Data with Citizens

The Roswell, GA, Police Department recently partnered with CrimeReports. Check out the video below.

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The Under-reporting Of Rape

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Originally posted at The Crime Analyst’s Blog:

There were a couple of recent stories in the national press regarding sexual assaults. This one from CNN reports an uptick in sexual assaults reported in the military.

Some 3,230 reports of sexual assaults across all of the services were made during fiscal year 2009, which ended on September 30, 2009. That was up from the fiscal year 2008 number of 2,923 sexual assaults reported.

“Research in the civilian community shows that sexual assault is widely underreported, and we believe that is the same in the military,” said Kaye Whitley, director of the Defense Department’s sexual abuse prevention and response office.

“As a result, increasing reporting has been one of our key goals for the department,” she said.

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Grokking Your System

Grok: To understand. Connotes intimate and exhaustive knowledge. When you claim to ‘grok’ some knowledge or technique, you are asserting that you have not merely learned it in a detached instrumental way but that it has become part of you, part of your identity.
The Jargon File, version 4.1.0, retrieved 3/14/2010

I was having a phone conversation the other day with a crime analyst from another agency. During our conversation, we were discussing the topic of hiring crime analysts and qualifications for analysts. During this conversation I told him that I have become convinced that what makes a crime analyst most valuable to their agency is their knowledge of their agency’s system. To put it another way, a crime analyst must “grok their system.”

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Massachusetts Crime Mapping

I think the video speaks for itself.

Amherst adopts crime mapping technology

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