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Connect with Your Citizens Anywhere They Want - CityConnect: New Mobile App for Law Enforcement

IACP/COPS Recruitment Toolkit

The International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) and the Center for Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) recently partnered to give law enforcement agencies information and tools for recruitment at a time of budget cuts, military callups, and increasing officer retirement.

The toolkit as a free downloadable packet that contains four reports:

  • Police Recruitment: Foundation Concepts. Provides an overview of the current state of police staffing and a summary of common recruitment obstacles and how to overcome them.
  • Recruiting for Diversity. Outlines the importance of diversity in law enforcement and strategies for effective minority recruitment.
  • Agency Collaboration in Police Officer Recruitment and Selection. Contains case studies of successful regional and intra-agency recruitment collaboratives across the country.
  • Community Partnerships in Police Recruitment. Discusses why and how to engage the community and civic organizations in the recruitment and selection process.

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Building Our Way Out of Crime: The Transformative Power of Police-Community Developer Partnerships

The Officer of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) is always a great resource for community policing resources, and they have recently released a study on the way that community developers and law enforcement can partner to design and build crime out of their communities.

Building Our Way Out of Crime: The Transformative Power of Police-Community Developer Partnerships is a guide for policymakers to inform them about the power of approaching crime prevention and reduction from a community design perspective. For example, Charlotte-Mecklenburg, Providence, and Minneapolis all saw substantial decreases in crime once implementing this type of program.

Learn more about building your way out of crime by reading the entire publication here:

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San Francisco Opens Data at

Following in the footsteps of the federal government with and, San Francisco joins other states and cities across the US who are opening up their data for public access and free use. Not only is the city opening up crime data, but also other information on highways, bridges, trees, post offices, and more.

Go to to check out the full, downloadable datasets.

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$1 Billion in Law Enforcement Hiring Grants on the Way

Obama’s multi-billion dollar economic stimulus bill has promised law enforcement around the country $4 billion in crime prevention and crime fighting grants. $1 billion of that money is intended for hiring more law enforcement officers nationwide. Although many agencies have already applied for the money, it has not yet been disbursed. However, Dave Buchanan, acting director of the federal COPS programs, recently said that the money will be on the way in the next two weeks.

I’m sure there are many LEAs across the country have been crossing their fingers. Just know that you’ll have to keep them crossed for another couple weeks, but the money is on the way.


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The Lighter Side of Law Enforcement

Too often we get bogged down in the dirty details of crime mapping, crime prevention, and other “serious” matters, sometimes it helps to stop and take a look at some of the funny and downright crazy things that happen to law enforcement officers on a weekly basis.

So in an effort to bring some levity into our day, a local Florida newspaper has published some stories from local cops. If you want to hear about the alligator in the trunk, washing clothes in the nude, the wrong way to make Molotov cocktails, and other interesting stories click here.

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