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CommandCentral Predictive: Built for Field Use


We have had tremendous feedback since we announced our newest product, CommandCentral Predictive, several weeks back.  Since the announcement we have literally heard from hundreds of agencies.  Last week I was on the road speaking to agencies, including several of our existing customers and hopefully some new ones.

It is hugely rewarding to see such response given the amount of time and effort we have put into creating CommandCentral Predictive.  This launch is the culmination of months of meeting with customers and getting their continuous feedback on the product, and the extraordinary effort by our team to turn that feedback into tangible changes in the product.

During the course of developing this product we spoke with many law enforcement agencies about product features and had dozens of recommendations on how to build a better product.   Some we have been able to include in the first generation, and others that are still to come.

From my meetings in the last two weeks there were two things that have really stood out about CommandCentral Predictive feedback.  First is that every agency that I have spoken to is looking for a better way to direct and enable their patrol officers to increase their effectiveness.  It’s simply an issue of how to maximize their resources in the most effective way through direction and information enablement.

The second item goes along with that was something that we have heard all along: that anything we provide needed to be usable in the field, not just another screen on a computer for someone to look at.

That hit home last week when I visited a large agency who is currently testing their own internally-developed predictive analytics solution.  While they have yet to determine whether or not to roll it out, one of the concerns they had was whether or not officers will actually use it.  Their limited trials have had mixed results and previous experience with another application showed limited success because very few officers got to the first step: logging on.

We realized this early in the development of this product which led us to two needs: first, to build CommandCentral Predictive with mobile devices in mind, and second, to empower officers with real data to make smarter, more informed decisions.

The mobile part was a no-brainer.  If they haven’t started already, almost every agency envisions the time when they will drop their MDT’s (Mobile Data Terminal) for tablet devices.  So, we built this product not only to be run on a tablet or large smart phone, but to be optimized for it.

Second, we built functionality into it so that users could access the underlying data driving predictions.  And it was designed to present this information to officers so they could easily access it and use it to make better decisions when they are in the field.

This data accessibility was validated time and again last week as I spoke with agencies, who see the value in empowering their officers with data in the field that help them to make better decisions and actions.  It simply helps to make better, smarter decisions while on patrol.  And, most importantly, it does it automatically, improving information flow without burdening an analyst with pulling data for officers (more on this another time).

Anyone who takes CommandCentral Predictive for a test drive will see how easy it is to access information that will put an officer at the advantage.  It’s just one of those things we built into CommandCentral Predictive that makes is such an exciting product.  We look forward to more feedback as we meet with customers and continuing to innovate on CommandCentral Predictive to make it the most effective tool to predict and prevent crime.